august spending hiatus

How is it August? When did this happen? July was a blink.

This month, Melissa and I decided we're taking on a challenge in our house. We're having a month of no unnecessary spending. 

What is unnecessary?
- No clothes
- No house decor
- No meals out that aren't already planned or needed (i.e. no stopping at Whole Foods when I don't have time to make food for bible study Monday nights)
- No jewelry or accessories

What is still OK to buy?
- Groceries
- Toiletries (clarification: shampoo if we run out is OK. makeup for fun is not)
- Coffee (we had to give ourselves a break here)
- Dinners that are already planned

I'm doing it because I realized that recently I'm feeling weighed down by my stuff, but also having a serious urge to shop. So: my closet is too full of things I don't wear and yet I keep wanting to bring in more inventory.

Why not nip the spending in the bud and also remind myself that I actually DO have something to wear (read: I have nothing to wear! ---> said every girl ever). 

So that's our plan :) See you in September,!