home, sweet indiana

I'm home this week in Indiana, which is wonderful and happy in so many ways. I love being here with my friends and parents - there is something so easy about being with people who have known you for a long time and also forever, respectively. 

To kick it off, Jordan, Megan and I had a girls weekend, which was a staycation for them and a vacation for me. Our rules were that we were only going to do things they hadn't done (mostly success) and that we were going to act like we were on a girls weekend (so basically just no bringing the gents around). 

Normally when I'm home, we'll all grab dinner or brunch, but I stay with my parents in the suburbs and they stay at their houses in Indy. But, since it was our girls weekend, we had a full 36 hours together, sleepovers included. It was wonderful to have unlimited time with them - talking, laughing, drinking wine and realizing how much we've all changed, but that it doesn't really matter. 

Friday night, we went to Eat + Drink for a drink, then Delicia for dinner. 

Saturday, we woke up and headed downtown for a full day of experiencing sweet Indy. We went to Mo'Joe's for coffee, then headed to Midland to dig up some antiques. There was so much I wanted to buy! 

After that, we walked Mass Ave from top to bottom, beginning with Indy Reads, which I loved, and ending with Bakersfield. We made a lot of stops in between including, Natural Born Juicers, Homespun, Silver in the City and Global Gifts

Saturday night, we went to Shoefly Public House for dinner, followed by a drink at Ralston's.

Sunday, I spent the day by myself - going on a run, running errands and enjoying the great state of Indiana. 

Sunday night, I went to dinner with Sam's girlfriend, Abbey, at Locally Grown Gardens. It was perfection. I love their concept and want to take everyone I know back ASAP.

I'll be honest, I don't know if I was just clueless as to how fun Indy was when I moved a few years ago, or if the city has just really grown up in recent years, but it was a whole new world to me. And, I have completely re-fallen in love with it. It  has so much to offer and I'm so glad I got to explore alongside my dear friends. 

Sunday night, my parents got home and I've been with them ever since! Being home is just the best and I'm determined to soak up every minute I have here this week. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Cheers to Indiana, nahmean? :)