{magical 28}

I've been trying to write a post about my birthday since Sunday, but can't seem to find the words for how grateful I am. I feel like they aren't enough to express how greatly and deeply loved I felt all weekend, by family and friends near and far. 

Friday night was truly magical. Duke, Sam, Melly and Chris threw me a dinner party (a summer supper, if you will) in our backyard. It was enchanting. They strung lights and set out beautiful table settings. 

Duke and Sam started sweet, sweet toasts, which continued around the table and made me feel both nervous and so happy. 

They lit up gluten free sweet potato biscuits (my fav from Highland Bakery!) in lieu of cake.  

As I looked around dinner, surrounded by such dear Atlanta friends, my heart was filled to the brim. It can be so easy to go quickly in life right now - hustling from work to meetings and lots of stops in between. It felt so wonderful to slow down and take a moment to reflect on everything that has happened during the last year to bring me closer to these beautiful people. 

Saturday, Chris and I went to Rise and Dine for breakfast (so good by the way) to recap every detail of the evening. It felt like college in the best way :)

Saturday night, he took me to the Optimist, which was incredible. I'd heard so much about it, but had not gotten around to even look at their menu. I was blown away. I'm not a super adventurous eater (not an oyster girl) but I had no trouble finding multiple items I wanted to order. Including salted caramel and peppery vanilla ice cream for dessert. Of course!

A highlight of the restaurant also included putt putt. Restaurants with games - I am telling you - they're on to something. 

Sunday, we went to church and opened presents from my far-too generous family and friends, and basically just recapped the party again. We were on a post-party high, I think!  

I went to bed Sunday night filled to the brim with gratitude for the people in my life (both near and far) who constantly amaze me by how well they give and live love. Thank you all for all you do.

I hope your weekend was full of magic, too :)