happy, muddy NC weekend

This past weekend, Chris and I headed to Charlotte with our friends Chris and Kristina for the boys to do the Tough Mudder.

Friday, we got into town late and were starving. We immediately headed to Whole Foods for dinner. Charlotte just got a new location and it was a.m.az.ing. It was the nicest one I've ever seen besides, of course, Austin :) 

Saturday, we drove out to the mountains for the boys (#teamchris) to race. 

Kristina and I had so much fun watching them! They were absolute champs and I loved the Mudder model. It was all team oriented and everything was in good spirit - nothing was about winning or competing. Next time, I'm absolutely participating! 

Saturday afternoon and evening, we explored Charlotte and got to know the city a little better. I've not spent much time in the city and loved it! It was great.

Sunday, we went back to Whole Foods for breakfast and coffee, then headed back to sweet ole Atlanta. 

I hope you've had a great week! :)