the little things

I mentioned yesterday that things have been the kind of busy that wears you down instead of fills you up. The kind of busy where you actually forget to eat lunch, drink water or go to the bathroom. Which is saying a lot because those are three staple activities for me. 

That being said, on Monday I didn't want to let the wear and tear of the week get to me. After such a great weekend, I wanted to hold onto my peacefulness - to cultivate more awareness of the good, the beauty and the happy.

So I decided to quickly note throughout the day all of the little things that I'm so fortunate to have - and rarely think twice about - to drive a little more awareness and gratitude. 

Let's start from the beginning: 
Waking up in a warm bed in my cozy house. 
Driving in with the windows down, heat seats and heat blasting. 
That my dad is at work early enough for me to call him at this hour.
No commute, because I left early!
Time for a morning workout and having an able body. 
Having teeth! (I had a dentist appointment)
Getting a good parking spot at the gym and the dentist. 
A friendly receptionist. 
No cavities! 
Treating myself to Starbucks. It was my first pumpkin anything all season. YUM! Nonfat latte + one pump pumpkin yep!
Jesus jams on in the car.
Homemade, leftover soup for lunch. 
Having food to eat!
Pictures of my family in my cube. And, obviously my family. 
Warm, sunny fall. 
Remembering to buy peanut butter and mascara at the grocery.
Being busy at work. I know - it's counter intuitive based on my intro, but job stability is nice, eh? 
Fall sunsets - the best! 
My bible study, even if I was an hour late. 
My bed. It is so comfortable. 

What little things are you thankful for?

PS I compiled this list late last night when I was pooped and it put me in such a happy place. I highly recommend it :)