hilton head wedding

Normally, a too-busy schedule fuels me, but lately life has been a little too crazy. In the way that tires you out instead of fills you up. After going, going all week and not seeing friends, family or Chris much at all, I threw a bunch of clothes in a bag and jumped in his car Saturday morning. We had coffee and snacks and four hours ahead on our drive to Hilton Head. I sat down in his front seat and felt immediate relief. Four hours to talk, drink our coffee, listen to music. Four hours to just be. There was nothing I wanted more.

When we got to Hilton Head, we had a few hours until the wedding, so we had drinks poolside, laid on the beach, swam in the ocean and felt the kind of relaxation that only the beach can bring.

Saturday night, we went to watch my sweet friend, Stacy, get married. We danced and laughed with friends and couldn't have been more grateful for the weekend away. 

And now, as the week begins, I'm feel rested & reinvigorated. Ready to begin again. 

I hope your weekend was wonderful!

PS: I am selling my Canon Rebel T3i. Email me if you're interested.