{mountain weekend}

This past weekend, Chris and I went up to Cashiers, NC with dear friends, Katie and Austen, for a mountain getaway. The weekend was just perfect.

{obviously needed road trip snacks. current fav: perfect bars. SO GOOD}

Friday, Chris and I went to dinner before they got in to celebrate a few milestones from the fall.

Saturday morning, we went to the grocery bright and early to get food for the weekend and grabbed coffee at a cute local shop. I'm loving almond milk lattes with mint - the almond milk makes it taste like a treat, but you avoid a lot of the sugar of seasonal lattes. It's a win win :) 

{really happy about the coffee}

After that, we ate breakfast then bundled up for a hike. 

The views were beautiful. 

After that, we ate chili, watched football, had more coffee and wine and great conversation. 

The weekend reminded me how important it is to get out of the city. 

I love Atlanta, but every time I leave, I remember how much more deeply I breathe when I'm not confined by pavement. How well I sleep where the stars shine a little brighter. And how much I love being away with dear friends.

I hope you had a great weekend!