10 Things 2014 Taught Me

2014 was different than 2012 and 2013. It was a lot less about big decisions and changes and instead a series of little things that made a big difference when added together. It was a year of growth and excitement that don't look like much to an outsider, but taught me a lot.

Here's what I learned:

1. Don't tolerate unhappiness in a major area of your life. Whether it be a job or relationship or living situation - there are too many good things in the world to settle for unhappiness.

2. Seek adventure but don't forget that it might be closer to home than you realize. In 2013, my adventure was a trip to Africa. In 2014, my adventures were in Atlanta, but that didn't make them less adventurous.

3. Wait. I really, really don't like to wait for things. But sometimes life is full of change and other times it slows down and makes us wait for what's next. That doesn't mean we're stuck, it just means we're not ready yet. Pray in the waiting. Seek counsel in the waiting. Grow in the waiting. And remember, you're not stuck in the waiting forever.

4. Friendships change. And it's hard and you feel the growing pains of it. But it's OK. Because as we change, our relationships naturally do too. No one is doing anything wrong. Sometimes we have to take up a little less space in someone's life in order for us to grow into new things.

5. Stable is not boring. Sometimes, I think we create chaos simply because things are too stable. The guy is too nice, the relationship isn't gamey, the job is steady. We create trouble for ourselves in order to compensate for something else that's lacking. We shouldn't do this. We should embrace stableness when it finds us - there will always be more ups and downs. Enjoy the chance to coast when you can.

6. Find balance. Life will constantly tempt us to become unbalanced and no one can keep our lives in check for us. I am a pendulum - constantly swinging back and forth between wanting to race forward and wanting to slow down. I have to continually seek balance or I easily get out of wack. And we have to do it in every facet - from what we eat, to exercise, to rest, to work. Balance is essential.

7. Happiness is seeking big things, but enjoying the little things. Every, single day there are tiny, beautiful moments that are so often overlooked. But they matter - they can make a bland day beautiful and a hard day a little easier. They are reminders that we are not alone. They are reminders that God has a plan. 

8. Some seasons are for harvesting and some are for resting. We need both, very, very much. Embrace both seasons.

9. We are enoughjust as we are and where we are. I learn it over and over again and every time I believe it more. We are nice enough, smart enough, funny enough, pretty enough. We do enough. We are enough.

10. We should root for one another. Because, in this world, there is enough room for us all to be happy and for all of us to succeed. Don't forget, we're all in it together.

Now, on to 2015!