what will 2015 hold for you?

I went for a walk with my friend Megan today and she asked me what my resolutions were. I told her two and then tacked on a third one. She started telling me hers and I interrupted and said - oh yes, that's one of mine too! In a matter of minutes my resolutions doubled and to be honest, when she originally asked what mine were, I hadn't actually made any yet.

That can be the trouble with resolutions - we start with something simple we want to attain and before we know it, we've piled on and become overwhelmed. What starts as "take a multivitamin" turns in to "take a vitamin, use more essential oils, exercise and drink two gallons of water every day and be a better person altogether."  

It's our nature - we want it all quickly so we make a few arbitrary goals that often make us feel like we were failing to begin with. 

To me, the start of the new year is always one of my favorite things to celebrate - and not because we can pile more shoulds on top of ourselves, but because it gives us the chance to reflect on where we were a year ago. 

What worked in 2014? 
What didn't work? 
Who is still in your life that shouldn't be? Who do you wish still was?
What are you still doing that you wish you weren't?
What is something you want to start?
What is something you want to finish? 
How do you want to change your finances this year?
How do you want to treat yourself this year?
How will you care for your body? And your heart? 

The new year is the chance to slow down and ask questions. It's the chance to reflect on exactly where you were one year ago and how you've grown. It's the chance to pause, mourn the sad, celebrate the good, slow down and take a deep breath. It's the chance to turn your palms up and ask God how He wants to use you this year. It's the chance to rest in knowing He has the year mapped out and it's not on you to resolve over and over, but instead to trust what He has in store and strive to be the best version of yourself. 

So what will 2015 hold for me? I don't know, exactly. I hope that it holds the chance to make some tough decisions, grow in my relationships, love people better and - yes - take a multivitamin. But even if I don't do any of these things, I know that 2015 is giving me a fresh start and the chance to begin the year with openness for what is to come and gratitude for what 2014 held. 

Now, let's go get em 2015.