Our Home Tour!

A few weeks ago, lots of you filled out a survey telling me what you'd like to see more of on my blog. One thing I heard loud and clear: you want a house update. You got it, friends!

The next two posts are going to be about our home renovation. Not into that? No problem. See you Friday for regularly scheduled programming! As for you other home lovers like me, I'll be sharing two posts: 

Today: Before & afters!
Wednesday: Home Reno on a Budget

{Welcome to our house!}

{Welcome to our house!}

For a quick recap, we bought our first house in Charlottesville, Virginia, in September. We relocated from Atlanta and did a lot of the work ourselves (alongside my amazing parents!). 

The house was built in 1961 (AD, Chris wants you to know). Let's just say it hadn't received many updates since then. The foundation was solid, the bones were good and it had been well cared for. But the style was so outdated. Everything was wallpapered and carpeted. The bathroom had three layers of carpet in it, in fact! 

The entire project took us five months of around-the-clock work; we spent the majority of our evenings and weekends here. In the end, we left no surface untouched. Floor to ceiling - and everything in between - was redone. 

I was going to hold off on posting until I felt like everything was final. But then I realized I will probably never feel like it's 100% complete! I still need artwork in our bedroom and the baby room, and want to jazz a few areas up, but, all in all, we're really settled in.

So, without further ado, before and after photos from our home reno! 

The before:

The afters:



Bbay room :) 


Our room! Still nothing on the walls, but, all in time, all in time.




My office/guest room:


We feel so grateful to be living here! And beyond grateful for my parents and siblings for all of their help along the way. Annnnnd really lucky to have it finished just in time for the baby to arrive!