{life lately}

Being (almost) 38-weeks pregnant is equivalent to being on adderall, or, I'm guessing here, speed. Or like 37 cups of coffee. You have this unrelenting energy and drive to accomplish everything on your to do list. It's as if I think once the baby comes I won't ever be able to check my email or, heck, clean the house, again. 

But at the same time, you're strangely tired. I am going to the bathroom every hour of the night now, so I'm not sleeping a ton. Sometimes a workout feels amazing. Sometimes a three-mile walk feels like climbing a mountain. 

There is no middle ground, my friends!


This Sunday is Chris' 31st birthday. Last weekend, we celebrated with a quick trip to The Homestead. This weekend, we have plans to spend the day relaxing to the max. A marathon date, if you will. We've got plans for church, the farmers' market, pancakes, a vineyard, grilling and popsicles from our new obsession: La Flor Michoacana. It's going to be a springy, happy weekend of togetherness. You just never know how many more weekends we will get like this!

Anyway, lately I'm loving:

ListeningThe Birth Hour podcast. For a while birth stories reallllly freaked me out. Now that I'm so close, I can't get enough. I think it gives me a (very false) sense of control.

Reading: I finished The Great Alone and was somewhat disappointed. It wasn't bad - at all - but it paled when compared to The Nightingale. But, in her defense, how could it not? The Nightingale was like a once in a lifetime book for me. Now I'm on to Lilac Girls.

Wearing: La Clé refocus bands. I love these little guys! (Use this link for $5 off a $10 band!) I got each of my Campus Ambassadors for The Letter Project one and fell in love. The bands are reversible and are all about thinking positive thoughts. They say you should flip the band every time you have a negative thought as a way to refocus yourself on positivity. You can get a pre-made message on them, or create your own. I'm kind of obsessed :) 

Jamming: Normally I'm never up on music. But my intern, Emma, introduced me to Wild Rivers & Rainbow Kitten Surprise and I love them both. They're great work music. I'm also sort of obsessed with this Clearly remix


Moving: I'm still trying to workout daily, but have been a lot gentler with myself. A walk in the sun is absolutely plenty for this body. 

Cooking: We're doing a (mostly) meatless month. Last week I made quinoa, sautéed chickpeas, chopped up kale, squeezed a little lemon and topped it with walnuts and feta. It was such a magically springy dish. I made it because I was in a hurry but I will certainly be making it again. We added hot sauce, too, because we love spicy. 

Drinking: I'm still dreaming of a grapefruit margarita (soon!), but, a Grapefruit Spindrift has been quite satisfying. 

Happy Friday!