mooore adventuring

I'm trying to think about how to tell you what I'm about to tell you in a clever way. And the amount of times that I have shared this news is making me dig deep into the realms of my brain to get creative.

So here we go.

In high school, I went through this phase where I thought it was really funny to tell cow jokes. I don't know why I thought it was funny. But I swear I snagged my high school boyfriend with them. He took me to the moo-vies, even.

(Yes. They were that bad. Like Colonel Moo-stard and moo-chas gracias caliber. All the time.)

So today, brought to you by Whitney Circa 2004, I ask you what a cow says when he finds out his house sold?

That's right. We're moo-ving.


Which means, yes, so far in 2013, we have a post about moving as a quarterly feature. January and April. But this is it. For real, for real, for real.  This is the last time we're moving for a long time.

When we moved in to our current place, we knew it was a possibility that the house might sell, but the market wasn't that good and the rent was low and the location was amazing and our luck certainly had to be up after living with rats. 


But, alas, someone has decided they want our abode as their abode and they don't want to rent it anymore. I thought about lobbying for these newlyweds to let Mel and me continue to live in two of the four bedrooms this house offers, but it didn't exactly scream logical.

So, in just three weeks time, we'll be on the move again. You might think I'd be worried that I have absolutely no idea where I'm going. But I'm oddly relaxed...

In the meantime, I've made a real short Greenwood Ave. bucket list, which includes: dinner at Panita Thai and to score an invitation to a porch party at our neighbors' house. They live on the corner of Highland and Greenwood in this hugely huge house with two wraparound porches and they're always having so much fun out there. 

Cross your fingers for good weather this weekend so I can deliver them some baked goods with a cow joke and a smile and really set the mooood right.

{I won't do that. Cookies. No cows. Promise}