marco polo

Last weekend in Virginia, we attended a polo match. It was held at the bottom of mountains in a vineyard and was absolutely gorgeous. 
For some reason we thought we should BYOB, so my mom and I snuck in a bottle of wine. Why we thought we'd need to bring wine to a vineyard is beyond me. We'll chalk it up to the fact that it was a new experience for me...
Also, Finn was an excellent divot stomper...

Where did the weekend go?

My mom came to visit for Easter and we had the best weekend ever!

We bought flowers for my porch (photos to come once my green thumb kicks in), did some Easter shopping, laid by the pool, went to dinner with Jim, went to church and didn't have nearly enough time together!

Whenever my family visits me, I find myself driving home from the airport on Sunday thinking, "why, on earth, do we live so far apart?".

However, as much of a bummer as it is to be away from them, I must admit that I certainly love the special weekend trips.

And because we somehow managed to take zero, yes zero, pictures, I leave you with a really fabulous Easter photo I found on Court's blog. Oh Finny! I can just hear him saying, "whoooah!".

finn man

It's a phenomenon, really. Every time you show Finn a camera, he strikes a pose. Even if he's completely consumed by something else, if he notices you have a camera, he'll pause, look up, and smile. Because of this, we decided he should be entered to win the Parents magazine November cover contest. He's been selected as a finalist, so please vote for him!