home sweet home

At Camp Eberhart, if a cabin was late for the morning meeting, all of the other cabins would sing: Better late than never, better never late. You're late, you're late, and you're ugly, so very ugly.

At the time, we thought it was really funny, but in retrospect, I think it might have been a little mean. Being late is bad enough in and of itself, but ugly, too? Seems kind of harsh.

That being said, I wrote this post two weeks ago and never put it up, as I wanted to take pictures to accompany. However Roomie Katie just left me for the next few weeks, so I decided I better bite the bullet. It may be a week or two late, but the sentiment remains the same...

Re: Our New Place

We're in! And we're so happy!
[imagine a picture of us really happy here]

And MellySally neighbors are happy, too!
[now imagine one of Melissa and Sally]

Katie and I both feel uncomfortable expressing how happy we are in our new house, because we fear our words can't do it justice. We are having moments where we keep thinking: is this a trick!? Can we really live here? This close to the park? Next to Mel and Sal? Together?

A huge, huge part of my happiness is attributed to my parents, who drove down this weekend to help me move. I stood in the kitchen completely overwhelmed by boxes, opening them and saying, "I just don't know where to begin," over and over. After far too long of doing this, I looked up and realized they had unpacked them and the kitchen was organized.

Replay that scene in the living room and my bedroom, and you have the weekend in review. I felt a teens useless, and am eternally grateful for their can-do attitudes and unrelenting determination. Food? Sleep? Meh. They truly are machines, and I love them so much. Thank you! Now come visit us soon!
[now imagine Sally in this photo, too.]

knickknack, paddywhack

Though I'm very loyal to Indiana, Georgia holds a special place in my heart. I've had a long, long obsession with Atlanta, and now that I've spent two summers there, I'm even more fond of the state.

And, once I found out about Paddywax candles, I had even more of a reason to love it. The amazing candles, created by Gretchen Hollingsworth, originated in Atlanta and make adorable gifts. They are perfect house warmers or I'm-thinking-of-you's.

I especially like the Journey of the Bee line, but they're all fabulous.

Besides, I don't just love Indiana, I love all of the midwest. And Hollingsworth got the idea when she was living in Chicago, so I can kind of claim it.