It's Friday! This was one of those weird weeks that felt super long and super short all at once. I somehow can't believe it's Friday, and yet can't believe the events that took place Monday were this week.

It was an extra special week because Jordan took a long layover en route to Charlotte Tuesday night. I've always loved sharing our birthday, and was extra, extra happy to get to celebrate our 25.5 together, too. We went for a walk in Piedmont Park and had a great dinner at Murphy's. I just love her :)

The week was also marked by two other great smevents (small, but important events), including Ashley designing my new blog header. Is it bragging to say it's beautiful since it's on my blog? I'm not sure. But either way, I think she did a wonderful job!

Also, I did the.best.spinning.class.ever. I spent the entire 60 minutes dying, and yet wishing it would never end. It took spinning to a whole new level and I cannot wait to go back.

I hope your week was made of great events, too. Big or small!