Tie dye and ice cream

I was a horrific softball player when I was little. Between tee ball and softball, I think I gave it three or four good years. Also between the two, I think I hit zero balls. It is not my forte.

This week when I was babysitting, I had the pleasure of going to a first grade softball game.

After a few minutes it became very apparent that almost nothing has changed. The girls still bop around in the outfield, more focused on the cheers (which are the same ones we chanted) than the game, while the father coaches still take it pretty seriously. Everyone still gets a chance to bat and within a few minutes it is clear who will excel (AKA they hit it) and who will most likely follow in my footsteps and choose sports like running and swimming.

However, what has certainly changed are the uniforms. The teams all have different colors of tie dyed shirts with a peace sign, a heart, and a baseball on the front. They also having matching neon socks, which are covered in peace signs. Is the Lions Club producing little hippies? Or are they just in on the tie dye trend this season? And are kids getting cooler at a younger age?
After the game, I continued my time warp when I took Allie and Emma to Dairy Queen. Again, after neglecting DQ for quite a few years, I was shocked at how little has changed: the same red tile, the same visors, the same ability to mess up my order (vanilla with sprinkles...). I also quickly realized that no matter how old I get, nothing says summer bliss like ice cream. And that makes me very happy.