I thought I loved Toms yesterday...

But what I felt yesterday pales in comparison to how I feel today.

Love is just the beginning of it.

In fact, I had a whole post teed up this morning, but those words don't even seem worth sharing now. I'm so inspired by Blake Mycoskie and just really want to do something good. What will I do? I'm not sure yet. But he was amazing. And I want to be like him.

He told the story of the birth and explosion of Toms, then wrapped up by encouraging people to build not just their businesses, but their lives, on the basis of giving. ("Giving, in it's own right, feels good, and it's something we all should do." SO simple. Right?)

And in case the fact that he's a very handsome do-gooder wasn't enough, he's also really funny. Like I cracked up. A lot.

Also now I feel like I need another pair of Toms. And possibly some new glasses. Even though I swore off buying sunglasses for more than $15 when I lost my Ray Bans. But they're for a good cause. And Blake says that's good. You know?

Friday :)

one for one

It's no secret that my large family has a small obsession with Toms. Between my parents + siblings + spouses + kids, I think we have 13 pairs in action.

And I might be a little bit of a groupie, because tonight I am going to hear the brand's founder, Blake Mycoskie, speak. I'm so (^infinity) excited! The question is: do I wear my Toms? Or is that overkill? You know, like the people that wear the marathon t-shirt they received in the pre-race package during the race?

The subject is, "Start Something That Matters: Transform Yourself and the World Around You." What I'm also wondering is, does that leave room for me to ask why he named it Toms and not Blakes?

If you're trying to share in my excitement, check out this video below. It definitely got me primed for the session.

PS: OK, OK. I lied. I know why it's called Toms (I'd be a bad groupie if I didn't). It started as the Shoes for Tomorrow Project, eventually shortened to Shoes for Tomorrow. But then that wouldn't fit on the label, so they shortened it to Toms. Buy a pair today and they'll give a pair tomorrow.

Super cute. Super perfect.

I just love everything about the company, I think.