Merry Christmass

This year we've had to adapt a few of our Christmas traditions. My mom has to remind us constantly that "everyone needs to be flexible".

Courtney has to come home a few days late and Ashley can't come home at all. My dad will also be out of town the week after Christmas, so we're waiting to celebrate until January 2. With 40 percent of the original CAWDS missing, as well as Santa's number one helper (aka my dad), upholding traditions is bound to be a shaky process.

However, regardless of how many practices have been amended, there are two things I can count on when it comes to Christmas Eve...
  1. Brandon, Duke and Sam will always misbehave at church. For example, one year they stole one of my heels off my feet and passed it down the row. The strangers in our row really appreciated having to touch my shoe.
  2. Sam will always laugh when any song says "ass" even though they're clearly referring to a donkey in the manger.
I'm happy to say that even though we were missing nine of our usual attendees, we still upheld standard church protocol. Tomorrow when our presents remain wrapped under the tree and our stockings continue to hang on the mantel, I'll find solace in this.

And as much as I love our traditions, making new ones each year is just as wonderful. It's the beauty of having a family that is rapidly growing (welcome Griff!). Besides, the ability to evolve is the ability to survive, and when we're doing it together it's much more fun simply surviving. It's the ability to share joy, love one another, and laugh at the word "ass" in church.