A toast to 100 Willow Rd.

I've been trying, for days, to come up with some sort of metaphor or comparison. But I've found that nothing does it justice.

Nothing can describe the way it looks as you turn on to Maple and catch a glimpse of it on a summer day - sun shining, grass bright green.

Nothing can describe the way it feels to come home after a week in Sandestin and to inhale the familiar scent for the first time.

Or the way the backyard brought us so much joy, with room to run and two strong Maple trees to climb.

Or the way the Mulberry bush was kind of scary, but also the best place to play house.

Or the way the kitchen feels during a family party - so full of energy and excitement.

Or the memories of waking up on Christmas morning and sitting at the top of the landing, dying to peek around the corner.

Or how fun it was when it was under construction and we played nighttime hide and seek in the frame.

Or how nice it feels to eat lunch by the pool while listening to the crazy golfers.

Or what a treat it was to walk to McKamey's all by ourselves to get a milkshake.

Or how full our hearts feel as we all sit around the bar in the kitchen, laughing and talking for hours. Happy to be together...

100 Willow has certainly brought us endless joy over the last 46 years. And as we hand over the keys this evening, it will undoubtedly be the end of an era.

But as we begin our new adventure, we will take these memories with us. After all, as much as we love 100 Willow (with all of our hearts), it's just a house. With new memories we'll make Horseguard Close our home.

PS. Some new Zionsvillian is going to be so lucky to get 873.5665!