April showers bring May flowers

March gives me hope. The abyss that is winter is coming to an end. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting brighter and the grass is getting greener.

And in addition to the more present sun (today for example) are the thunderstorms. They make me so giddy for summer storms. And they make me more productive. Stuck inside? Why not clean out a closet!?

However, for the days when I'm feeling less productive and more adventurous, it's fun to get out. There's something so invigorating about splashing through a big puddle in rain boots. I'm admittedly obsessed with Hunter Wellies. I keep going back and forth on what color to buy, which leads to more obsessing as I try to pick.

Practicality tells me to go with navy, as they would go with the opposite half of my wardrobe that my black rainboots go with. However, I also love red and turquoise - and graphite and violet and really all of them...

Hence, my struggle. However, even with this beautiful rainbow of options before me, there's no denying the pure joy that the Gold pair would bring. In these babies, you'd sparkle on a rainy day. You'd light up the street. You'd definitely show that deep puddle who's boss.

Oh, so many decisions.