People - especially girls - have a tendency to overuse the exclamation point. And while I certainly get a little carried away in text messages and emails because I worry my emotions will be lost in translation, it's a pet peeve of mine when they're overused elsewhere.

The exclamation point is unnecessary in professional writing because sufficient description does the job more effectively. If you want me to be excited about something, make me excited with your words. Tell me how amazing the XXX will be, or how beautiful the XXX is, or why this XXX is the best. And through your amazing description, I too, will be excited.

However, my recent discovery of Emersonmade made me rethink my distaste. Instead of having The Big Poppy section, they have The Big Poppy! That exclamation point made me so excited about their big poppy. How big is it? How bright is it? Does it smell good too?

And aren't The Littler Roses! just so adorable? And don't you just want to put flowers in your hair!? I want to click on everything (!!).