Easter at Horseguard Close

When it comes to Easter, there's something we can always count on: Sam is so bad at finding the eggs.

He claims that he just doesn't care and is fooling us into doing all the work (Huck Finn?), since my mom will inevitably have us divide the eggs evenly. I'm not so sure I'm convinced though.

Yesterday, in lieu of an egg hunt, we had a basket hunt. We were each responsible for finding one basket. Then, we had to bring it back and we'd each open the one that was ours. Of course, Duke and I found baskets the immediately (it may sound cocky, but it’s a fact after 23 years).

Because Sam was struggling, I decided to help him. After about 10 minutes of hunting, Duke admitted that he had found the third basket right away and decided to hide it in the trash can.

This basket happened to be mine (which Duke knew!). So, my precious gifts from the bunny spent a good portion of the morning among the trash...luckily, I don't think any of the candy was damaged.

Between the hunting, the candy, and Duke's prank, I certainly felt like a kid yesterday. It makes me happy to know no matter how old we get, some things will never change. So even though it was our first holiday in a new house, with new hiding spots for the Easter bunny, it felt like home from the start.

Of course, it would have been much better with Court and Ash (+ families) home too. But, I think Lily might have given us some competition for the baskets. Then Sam really wouldn't have stood a chance.