At 80 and sunny, I think I can officially say it's spring in Indiana. Tulips are popping, our house is dancing with sunlight, and I drove to work with my windows down (and sandals on!).

This weekend will be marked by margaritas for Kelsey's birthday, free concerts downtown for the Final Four, runs with Duke and Sam, and nights out in dresses and no tights.

Sara and I decided to kick off the lovely spring weekend with manicures and sushi last night. Although I can safely say Sara can paint my nails much better than the ladies of the $15 mani, there's something so indulgent about getting it done. We both felt a little sunkissed from an afternoon outside and as we sat in the salon catching up, it took us back to the sweet days of summer.

Much to our surprise, the sushi restaurant was also offering BOGO martinis. Another opportunity to indulge?

After one each, we were debating round two when a creepy sir sat down at our table. Needless to say, after 20 minutes of him swearing that his friend used to be the "number one shooting coach in the NBA", we were ready for round two. Ultimately, he decided he couldn't trust us, because "his mom always told him not to believe a girl with pink nails." Who knew that little mani-indulgence would lead to such great luck?

Happy spring weekend :)