Creature of habit

I'm a very routine person. I run the same routes over and over. I eat the same meals for months at a time. I go to the mall and shop at the three same stores. I'm habitual. And while I'm certainly not opposed to change, I find great comfort in a daily routine.

This winter, I made an effort to mix up my fitness regimen. I tried to integrate more than just running into the schedule and it definitely has had a positive effect on me. Not only do I feel fitter, but I look forward to my runs more.

With such a positive impact, I decided I need to think outside the box more regularly. The first step has been in my wardrobe. I recently found two amazing shirts in unexpected places.

The first is this Mossimo blouse that Jordan found at Target. While it's clearly not super creative to shop at Target, I generally look for more casual/comfortable clothing there. I was excited to find this shirt on sale for $14.95. It acts as an alternative to those J.Crew blouses that are very much a habit, and much more expensive. See the shirt in action on Easter.

The second is the Origami ruffled sleeveless striped shirt from Talbots. Considering the last time I went to Talbots was in elementary school and I needed to find white gloves for cotillion, I was skeptical. However, I found it in a magazine and couldn't resist the nautical feel. It's really cute tucked into a skirt, and definitely worth the journey into the terra incognita of Talbots.