The lady who lived in her shoes...

No one in the whole entire world makes more blanket statements than my brother Sam.

OK, that might be an exaggeration, but that's something he'd say. He's notorious for his over-the-top blanket statements. He believes that if you make a strong enough statement, no one will ever forget it. Therefore, he tends to make extreme proclamations, such as the fact that he hates onions, in every form, in everything, always. No one will ever serve him onions.

Although I don't typically engage in such extreme statements, we are related, and therefore, it happens from time to time.

Case in point: I have officially experienced my most favorite shoes in the world. No shoes will ever serve me quite as well. I will never love shoes like I've loved these puppies.

I walked around with my little heart broken for a few days because these sandals (I have silver and bronze) got holes in the bottom of them. I had been wearing them since April 2008, when I found the lovely gems at Target, two hours before semi-formal, and made a last minute purchase for $12.99 each.

Well, I dressed them up (weddings), dressed them down (casual dates), abused them (the bars), misused them (wore them to work), and finally, after the shoe re-solesman told me it was over, I admitted I had to say goodbye. They were beyond broken in, they were just broken.
However, last week, I experienced extreme joy when I found the new and improved version - again at Target. This time they were $19.99, but after the last two years I've had with their Isaac Mizrahi counterparts, I decided it was more than worth it.
I thought I had to say goodbye, but instead, I ended up finding a slightly better version. Isn't it amazing how things just work themselves out?
PS: I know it's completely shameful that I wore these shoes for song long, but I know you all won't judge me...

Creature of habit

I'm a very routine person. I run the same routes over and over. I eat the same meals for months at a time. I go to the mall and shop at the three same stores. I'm habitual. And while I'm certainly not opposed to change, I find great comfort in a daily routine.

This winter, I made an effort to mix up my fitness regimen. I tried to integrate more than just running into the schedule and it definitely has had a positive effect on me. Not only do I feel fitter, but I look forward to my runs more.

With such a positive impact, I decided I need to think outside the box more regularly. The first step has been in my wardrobe. I recently found two amazing shirts in unexpected places.

The first is this Mossimo blouse that Jordan found at Target. While it's clearly not super creative to shop at Target, I generally look for more casual/comfortable clothing there. I was excited to find this shirt on sale for $14.95. It acts as an alternative to those J.Crew blouses that are very much a habit, and much more expensive. See the shirt in action on Easter.

The second is the Origami ruffled sleeveless striped shirt from Talbots. Considering the last time I went to Talbots was in elementary school and I needed to find white gloves for cotillion, I was skeptical. However, I found it in a magazine and couldn't resist the nautical feel. It's really cute tucked into a skirt, and definitely worth the journey into the terra incognita of Talbots.