happy place

Glamour recently asked readers where their happy place was. And while my first thought was to say that my happy place is wherever my family is, the magazine encouraged discussion of a physical location. Almost as immediately as the first answer came to me, so did the second: my happy place is outside. More specifically: near water. On a boat, on the beach, on a dock, anywhere that I can feel and hear the movement of a natural body of water, is pure bliss to me.

In sixth grade, a friend of mine had her birthday party at her lake house. From tubing to floating in the middle of the lake, I couldn't have been happier. At the end of the day, her parents gave everyone an award based on behavior for the day. By this point in my life, I had grown accustomed to being known for having a positive attitude or smiling a lot, but on this day, they gave me the title of the lawyer, for constantly negotiating more time on the boat, and less time on land. It was at this point I knew I really loved being on water.

Although I've yet to spend time on a lake this summer (don't worry - my legal background will come into play soon, and I'll get myself some boat time), the past few weekends have been marked by constant time outdoors.

Last weekend my dear friends Katie and Emily visited Katie G. and me, and we spent the weekend soaking in the glorious Georgia heat. We spent all day Saturday at the Virginia Highlands festival (if you're in Atlanta, you must go next year), then enjoyed an amazing dinner outside at Noche. Almost nothing makes me happier than coming home to get ready for an evening and realizing you've barely spent a minute indoors.

Thank you Katie and Emily for being amazingly fun guests!