le plage!

Off to the beach I go! My cousin Chris is getting married and my whole family is headed to the Outer Banks. I haven't seen them all since my Dad's birthday party and to say I am ready would be a vast understatement.

We've been to OBX quite a few times but a few key memories stand out, such as when we were playing Prokadima after dinner and I fell into the ocean in my dress (also the time I learned that it was not Cheer Up Sweet Bujean), or when my mom took us all by surprise when she randomly decided to go off roading on the beach, or even our super competitive(ish) all-family olympics, which included four square and a mile run, among other activities...

OBX holds so many memories, and I can't wait to make more this weekend. There's never been an unepic Howden wedding, and if it's the Chris I know, I'm sure this will be one for the books.

Until Wednesday!

PS Just a preview of the goodness you can expect, some throwbacks circa 2006: