the festivities begin

I can't safely say that Halloween is my favorite holiday because (1) almost every holiday is my favorite while I'm living it and (2) my birthday is my real favorite one. However, it's near the top of the list.

Two years ago I got the swine flu (for real) the morning of Halloween, and last year I was at a wedding, which means I have not celebrated Halloween in two (two!) years. It's been really hard on me.

Fortunately this year I am lucky enough to get to celebrate it a couple of times, starting this weekend. I went to my friend Phi's birthday party and was pretty much in a state of bliss all night. The costumes were seriously legit.

Almost as blatant as my obsession with Halloween is my recent obsession with Pan Am. Man oh man. I am in love with it beyond belief, so this year I decided I'd be a stewardess for Halloween. I'd say it was a success, especially because my friend Casey decided to be an airplane at the last minute. My only regret from the party is we didn't have the good sense for me to try to get into her costume. It could have been really special.
After the party, the weekend continued with lots of happiness, including Party Atlanta, the fall event for the charity I'm part of, a batch of chili in my brand new stockpot (yaay!) and a trip to the Counter.
I hope you all had wonderful weekends, too! Happy Tuesday!