lovey weekend

This weekend, Duke and I were joking that Sam ruined St. Patrick's Day for us, because nothing will ever compare to our night cruise of Sydney Harbour last spring.

However, while this year was missing a few key elements from last year, including two broskis, Aussies and a large ship, it was a pretty stellar weekend with my Indiana mates.

Jordan picked me up at the airport Friday night, and we bee-lined for Megan and Mandy downtown Indy. It was so fun seeing those peanuts.
Saturday my mom and I basked in the glory that was the sunny and 81-degree weather (in March!). We shopped, walked and pretty much laughed the whole time.

Saturday night, I went to my friend Taylor's wedding. We grew up together in Zionsville, and spent every Wednesday night from eighth grade through high school together at bible study. Our group was amazing for all those years - we laughed, we cried, we ate, and, most notably, we talked about boys. I am so happy that after all those stories, Taylor landed on David.

The wedding was beautiful, and I loved seeing people from home that I haven't see in years. There's something really wonderful about being with people who you've known intimately for years - a level of respect and compassion that comes from knowing someone's heart very deeply for a long time.
Finally, Sunday, I got breakfast at my fav AM spot, Patachou, with Meghan and Erin, and got to love on Pippa, Erin's sweet babe. Then my mom and I went over to Mit's where I got to see my cousins, and my uncle Marc. Overall, the weekend was marked by spending time with people I just really love, and I cannot believe I was lucky enough to pack so many of them into a quick 48 hours.

And, let's be honest, it was pretty amazing being in Indy when IU won Saturday night. Cha-ching! Now all you fools better get down to Atlanta for the game this weekend. Here waa gooo!