The Water Project: by Mrs. Gentry

The support I've received for my triathlon has been completely overwhelming, to the point that I have had moments where I just want to cry with happiness.

Yesterday, I experienced this feeling when my dear, dear friend Megan informed me that her elementary class was doing an entrepreneur project, where they each start their own businesses, and will be donating their proceeds to my well. From hearing her talk about how they're worried about the kids who have to walk four hours to get water, to them asking if it would be OK if they donate all of their money (as opposed to the recommended 50 percent), my heart is overflowing. I had goosebumps when she told me about their excitement. 

I am so grateful to have her support, as well as all of yours. It's a lifelong fear of mine that I can't adequately express gratitude, and this campaign has me in overdrive, but I hope you all know how truly thankful I am. I am so excited about the upcoming weeks, and want to reiterate that I am truly, incredibly grateful for your continued support. 

I cannot wait to see all of the amazing projects Mrs. Gentry's class delivers and will be sure to keep you posted on their progress. Check out photos from the project below - they'll make your heart melt!

Thank you again!