This weekend can be summed up most effectively in one word: Magstravaganza.

Maggie was in from Chicago and the whirlwind weekend was just splendid.

Friday night was a little bit like a Series of Unfortunate Events book, in that we couldn't make anything happen how it was supposed to. Fortunately, it was still really happy, unlike the books. After dinner, we went to the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park around 9:55, only to learn that it ended at 10. The bands and rides were shutting down just in time for us to say goodnight. Fortunately, we convinced one sir to let us ride the swings, sans tickets, which pretty much fulfilled my taste for carnivalism.
After that, we put on our 80s garb to go hear Yacht Rock at Park Tavern. We arrived at around 10:58, and discovered that the concert ended at 11.

So, we hopped in a cab to go to a new ice bar in Buckhead, which opened Friday. Upon arrival, we were denied entry because of our 80s gear. For real!

Luckily, I was just happy to be with Maggie, so we stayed in good spirits. :)

Saturday, we went to our first ever crawfish boil. Apparently this is a standard activity in the south, but Maggie and I were in awe. I was skeptical to try the little crawbabies at first, but they were really good. They tasted just like shrimp!

After that, we headed to Candler Park for 420 Fest.
It was so great to have Maggie here, and on the way to the airport, she told me that she was pretty sure she could live in the south. I've officially found my mission! Move Maggie to ATL 2k12 - here we go!

Thank you so much for coming Mag!!