it's here!

Last night at yoga, in honor of the solstice, we participated in the biannual tradition of 180 sun salutations. The entire thing takes 3 hours, and we only had about 100 minutes, but we did what we could during that time.

When we started the class and he told us what we'd be doing, I was kind of annoyed. Really craving a hard workout, I was frustrated that we were just going to repeat salutations A, B and C, considering they're normally a warmup.

I stand corrected.

It was so incredibly hard; there was a point when I wasn't sure I would make it through. My entire body is rocked with soreness today. I left the class feeling exhausted, detoxed and centered.

When I got home, I talked to my favorite yogi and friend forever, Katie, who told me she'd recently been in a class and the instructor closed by saying: You're living your dreams - don't miss it!

And I thought it was just a lovely way to start this Friday and first full summer weekend ahead.

I hope your weekend is dreamy!
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