discovery weekend

Since moving to Atlanta, I've become slightly obsessed with knowing the city. Exploring it on foot - discovering new gems - knowing the vibe of each area. I'm ashamed to admit that if you asked me for recommendations on Indianapolis, Chicago or even Bloomington, I would run out for all three combined much faster than I would for Atlanta.

I'm not sure why this is, but I think part of it has to do with the fact that when I moved here, it was just mine - no one from my family, nor had any of my close friends ever tapped into it. So I needed to make sure I learned it, so that when they visited, they, too would realize they needed to move to this wonderful place.

I've yet to convert anyone, but I've gained a solid list of activities to show for it.

This weekend, I stumbled upon two new places that I'm now wondering how I lived without.

Melissa and Katie and I have this small obsession with being locals somewhere - those girls that are always there just loving life and happy together. Katie and I decided it might stem from a desire to make Atlanta more like our home towns - for someone to know me in the way they do in Zionsville - how I take my coffee or that I like my margarita without salt.
Melissa and I now live about ten steps from N. Highland and you're going to be hard-pressed to get us to do anything anywhere else. Seriously. We will.become.those.girls. 
Friday, we discovered Blind Willie's. If you haven't been and have any sort of appreciation for blues music, an excellent atmosphere, or old men asking you to dance, you must add it to your bucket list.
Saturday, I co-hosted a shower for Katie (photos to come) at Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Room. We had to have it at a restaurant, because, while planning it, I became somewhat homeless and didn't know where I'd be living come February (the rats had more power than even they knew).
Katie's sister, Ann Marie, found the venue. I have a tendency to be a little controlling when it comes to event planning (I made an project plan), and because Ann Marie had found the place, I wanted to let her take the lead on this portion of the shower. It took almost every bone in my body to keep me from "swinging by" or "checking up" on the place. But I really wanted to restrain myself to prove I didn't have to control everything.
The day before the shower, I talked to Ann Marie after she'd gone by to check in, and she wanted to warn me that it was "a little gritty".
I obviously panicked.
However, I was pleasantly surprised come shower time. The venue, although a little gritty, is adorable. It's quaint and warm, the food was wonderful and the shower was so happy. I would definitely host another event there, or just go enjoy afternoon coffee in Candler Park. I strongly recommend it.
So there you go - a weekend of discovering. Can't wait to share more shower pics! I hope you had a good weekend and maybe did a little exploring yourself!