fuh. ri. day. [yaay!]

Oh Friday! Your are my Fri[en]day.

I have been waiting for you this week, and I am glad you are here.

You know when a week is busy, how it just flies?

And then it's the weirdest thing ever when a week is busy and somehow just doesn't fly? And you're zipping all around thinking it's Thursday and you realize it's Tuesday?

It's like a parallel universe where time is very tricky.

Anyway. Those are Friday brain thoughts.

We're here!

I think the week might have seemed long because I'm so excited for this weekend. We're celebrating Katie and Austen with a much-awaited bridal shower.

Can't wait to shower this girl with so much love. She deserves lots and lots of it. The best kind of it, too.
I hope you have something happy planned for your weekend!

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