celebrate we will

Last week I went to J.Crew to look at a belt we got my mom for her birthday. And when I say look at, I really do mean I went there to admire it, because I couldn't justify buying it for myself. It was out of my budget.

When I got there, though, the belt had been marked down from $65 to $29. It still felt like a lot for a belt, but considering I loved it so much that I went there just to look at it, I thought it was worth it in gas alone.

[I'm a dangerously excellent justifier, if you ever need help in this arena.]

But then when it rang up, it was only $12. I was so happy.

I looked at the cashier and said, "Is today a holiday!?"
And she said, "No, but we're trying to make it one!"

I loved this. And I decided that sometimes, it's just a normal Wednesday. But sometimes, we make our own holidays, and pretend that even just a normal Wednesday is special. Sometimes I think I get in a rut of waiting for life to start: when I have more money, when I live near my family, when I meet my husband, when I am a grown up.

But today is today. And we're only guaranteed this moment. So, yes, we can - and should- be excited for what the next phase will bring. But we can't wait for it. Because it's the first day in May, and it's almost Friday and it's spring. Today is ours. It's a new-belt-wearing, ice-cream-deserving, go-for-a-long-run, kind of day. And to me, that's a celebration at its finest.