taking back lunchtime.

I'm a big believer in the idea that we have to create our own happiness and that if you dislike something you should change it. 

And I really, really dislike making my lunch every day. I dislike it to a degree of ridiculousness that is so extreme that I can counter it only with a ridiculous solution.

I used to make my lunch for the next day right when I walked in the door after work. First thing: purse down, wash yesterday's containers, load up tomorrow's.

But then I got to thinking.

You see, I feel the same way about picking out my outfits for work, so instead of doing it during the week, I pick them all out on Friday afternoon when I get home. It sounds crazy, right? And here's the thing: it is crazy. I will not deny it. But I love it when Monday morning rolls around and my outfits are lined up at the end of my closet, ready to go.

So if it works for my outfits, it could work for my lunches, too, right?

And so, we got to this: 

Organized chaos at its finest. First, I gather the troops: food, Rubbermaid containers, knives, lunch bags. Everything I'll need.

And then, I get to cutting and filling and lunch making. Every time I'm done with something, back in the fridge it goes. It's like a real life check list, unfolding before my eyes. 

Then I throw it in the fridge and bam. The weekend is only just beginning, and all of my least favorite weekly tasks are checked off. What could be better than that!?

And, that, my friends is how I took back lunchtime happiness. 

{PS: If this behavior surprises you, read this post. It'll all begin to make sense. #owningit}

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