fresh perspective

There are already so many reasons I love having Duke and Sam in Atlanta, but one of the things I've loved the most is seeing the city through their fresh eyes.

Once a Piedmont Park addict, I hadn't made it a priority to spend time there recently. I love that they've gone there every day since they've moved here to workout.

Once a Braves-going fool, I hadn't had time to go to a game this summer. And I love that we went last week - excited for them to cheer on the team as their own. 

The whole experience of having them here - trying to think of what I can show them and introduce them to - has been a reminder to me of the importance of breaking from my routine. I am so routine. And I get in such a fast-paced groove each week, washing my sheets on Sunday, packing my gym bag for the week, making my lunches, getting in my workouts, going to this meeting and that coffee date. And having them here is making me slow down, because I want to make time for them. And it's making me mix up my routine because I want to make room for them in it. 

And even as we begin to find our own separate rhythms - when Duke starts school and Sam starts work - I hope I can maintain this attitude. I hope I can remember that routine is good but sometimes flexibility is better. Hustle is good, but sometimes slowing down, drinking a beer and cheering on the Braves with dear friends is even better. Because this life really is meant to be enjoyed, you know?

Happy Tuesday!