an open letter to the weekend, with gratitude

Dear Weekend,

Thank you for coming around every five days and for always being fun. If you were my boyfriend, I would appreciate the way you bring spontaneity to my life; the way I never know where you'll take me. I love that you're full of excitement and show me new parts of the city - constantly reminding me how big and beautiful this world is. 

This time around, I especially enjoyed Wrecking Bar, which I now also added to my Atlanta Bucket List. The food was a little heavy for my taste, but the drinks and atmosphere fully made up for it. It was perfect for a cool, rainy fall night. The cozy inside and good company warmed me right up, as did the spiked cider. 

I also loved thrifting with Duke&Sam and watching the Auburn game at my friend Megan's house. I love the way Atlanta is becoming more of a community. The way mini adventures with some of my favorite people are just exactly what my heart desires on a Saturday afternoon. 

And golly, don't you always go out with a bang. Sundays are just my favorite. I loved this Sunday's humid, humid morning weather - perfect for a run. Follow that up with coffee and exploring the Grant Park Farmers' market with Melly (bucket list #3), and what more could you want? 

The market did not disappoint. Even as it started to rain, it was bustling with energy and vegetables and happiness. 

I bought tomatoes and potatoes to add to the soup I was making. And, of course, almond butter. It was local and maple flavored. And the girl selling it was really nice. I didn't stand a chance. 

And, dear weekend, ending you with church and dinner with friends is just exactly what my heart wants every week. 

I guess my only complaint is that you have to end. That you can't last forever. 

Until week meet again, fare weekend.