hi, from canada!

Happy Friday friends! I'm posted up in the Ontario airport. My flight is delayed but I don't even care because this airport is the real deal. They have free iPads, wifi and charging stations, where you can also eat breakfast, which you order via the iPad! Not too shabby for a delay.

Here are five things making me happy today:

1. This weekend I'm gunning to check things off my bucket list and refuse to come back empty handed. I'm looking at you, Grant Park Farmers' market. let's go...

2. Next week is my last week of work travel and it's to Chicago, where some of my most favorite people live. Talk about going out with a bang.

3. Next week is Friendsgiving at our house. Melly and I have been scheming up decorations like you wouldn't believe. I keep teetering on the edge of Christmas decor and Melissa keeps reeling me back in to Thanksgiving, which I greatly appreciate, because it's a tip top holiday. It need not be rushed. The question at hand, though: eggnog or cider? Neither feel quite right - cider a little Halloweenish, eggnog a little premature. What about a hot toddy? I will report back next week. 

4. This guy at the airport just came up to the girl next to me and asked to borrow her fork. He then walked away, taking her used, syrupy fork, without an explanation. I hope she was finished...

It got me thinking about the way travel binds us all together. Strangers with common denominators. All at the mercy of our surroundings and someone else's control. It's kind of romantic, I think. 

5. This is the first year my heart has really loved fall. I'm an all-summer, lots-of-spring girl. I've always liked the idea of fall, but cringed at its reality, knowing it means less sunlight, dry air and winter looming. But this year, I think I've finally accepted the reality that winters in Atlanta aren't so bad, so I can sit back, relax and enjoy that crisp weather. It's really lovely. 

That's all for me! What's making you happy today?