christmas at our house!

Despite yesterday being in the 60s, it was Christmas at our house last night. 

Ever since we put up our tree, it's been feeling full and festive in our little house. But last night, any doubt was banished: it's Christmastime in the Highlands! 

We took a present to our neighbors, exchanged gifts and spent a good hour and a half trying to put together the trampoline Melly gave me. 

We laughed a lot. Mostly about our lack of hand strength and therefore lack of ability to put together the trampoline. We talked about how long we'll stay in Atlanta - and how long we'll stay in this house. 

It was happy.

I've been trying really hard not to let too much busy get to me this holiday season. Not rushing too much. Not worrying if my gifts don't look pretty (worst wrapper ever!). Not doing things I feel like I should do and instead embracing the right now; the holiday. 

Last night was the perfect way to capture it - we didn't do much besides open and laugh and trampoline assemble, but it was life-giving and fulfilling in the best way possible. I fell asleep easily and with a full heart; so grateful for my roommate, our house and this season. 

One week!