highlands holiday hunger hustle

When I was in Africa, one of the best pieces of advice Bob gave me was to never be afraid of failing. He told me that you will have bad ideas that won't go anywhere and you will have great ideas that take off and find success (Love Does, for example), and you can't be bogged down by the ones that don't work. What do you lose when it doesn't work, aside from pride? Normally, not that much. 

Just a few weeks after returning from the trip, Duke came up with the idea to host a holiday run for a local food bank. When he first said it, a million worries popped into my head (what if no one shows up? if people think it's dumb? if it rains?...), but they were quickly silenced by Bob's advice, and before I knew it, Duke, Sam and I were hosting a holiday hustle. 

Our amazing parents (aka our sponsors) came down for the race and cooked tons of food for our friends. People brought cans, grabbed their shirts and gathered in the unusually cold weather - friendly mingling before the competition began. 

Duke rallied the troops - explaining the course, tempting them with prizes for winning and declaring it out first-annual, making me ask him if that meant we were already signing up for a second? 

They ran the course - speedy little friends of ours - and came back for food and drinks. I was surprised by the fact that it got pretty competitive. Apparently Duke's sale on our "golden cup of holiday cheer" worked. 

We gave out prizes - first place, best dressed and best attitude. All of which we scored at Good Will, of course.

After a little while, we realized it was way too cold to be outside, so the party moved indoors. I told my friends I'd never considered having a morning party, but I really don't know why. A workout, breakfast and a brew? Pretty solid combination, if you ask me. 

Duke, Sam and I were so grateful for our friends (+ parents!!) who came out to support us. We're so excited to take the cans to the food bank and can't wait to do it again next year. Since Duke declared it annual, you know!

See ya on the trails!