the last word

Inspired by Sometimes Sweet, today I bring you my last word on this lovely Friday:

Last thing you cooked: Paleo ice cream sandwiches. Complete with homemade coconut ice cream. I'll post the recipe soon. They were very tasty!

Last time you felt nervous:  Earlier this week when I planned a surprise dinner for Chris' birthday. I was so worried we'd get there earlier or late or he'd notice how intensely I was monitoring my texts.

Last big thing you splurged on: This Vince Camuto striped skirt. Definitely more than I like to spend on a long skirt, but I wear them so much during the spring and fall and have been eyeing this one for months. Worth it! :)

Last gift you received: A Shaky Knees concert ticket from Chris. Hello summer bucket list!

Last song you listened to: Dixie Chicks - Easy Silence. Every now and then I get on these Dixie Chicks kicks where I listen to their old songs and reminisce. 

Last place you vacationed to: Actually, today! I'm in Seabrook Island, SC for a wedding. But before this? I went to the beach with my family.

Last time you were moved to tears: Happy tears? It doesn't take much :) Earlier this week when my sister uploaded an Instagram video of my niece blowing her kisses all the way to the bus. My tender-hearted Lily. I love her so.

Last blog you really fell in love with:  Explore. Dream. Discover. I've followed Liz's blog for years, but I still can't get enough. Especially now that she has a new baby!

And that is my last word for the week :) Have a great weekend!