weekend in seabrook

There are certain places (here and here, for example) that make me forget where I am. They feel far away and magical - but not foreign or distant. They feel soothing and exciting all at once. They give me pause; make my shoulders drop.

This weekend I had the privilege of heading to Seabrook, SC, which is exactly this sort of place. It's quiet and exciting all at once. 

I went with Chris and his friends from college for a fraternity brother's wedding. 

As for the wedding? It was beautiful. One of those weddings that makes you say: oh, I'm going to do that. And makes you think: I've never wanted a beach wedding - but should I? The kind of wedding that is elegant, but not pretentious, and honest and true to the bride and groom's style.

And the weekend? It was more than a wedding. A true vacation, in fact. When I unpacked, I laughed at all of the real clothes I brought. It turned out my pack list would have been complete with: swim suit, cover up, dress for rehearsal, dress for wedding and pajamas. Our days were on the beach and our nights were dressed up and there was no need for anything more. 

The company? Was ideal. I felt honored to be Chris' date. It was so much fun to meet his friends and see the way they love and care about one another. They made me feel welcomed immediately. They told me stories about college Chris and grilled me on "how much I really know about him." I felt so fortunate to be part of such an important weekend to all of them.

The postpartum? Very real. I'm still reminiscing from the weekend - dreaming of the beach, laughing at everything that happened and hoping that I find myself on Seabrook Island someday soon.

I hope your weekend (and week so far) have been wonderful!