all that glitters is gold

I used to claim that my three favorite holidays were The Fourth of JulyHalloween and New Year's Eve.

However, this year, I'm not feeling quite as into it.  It might have to do with the fact that two years ago, I experienced a horrible limo driver that resulted in a $200 fine and our group of 16 stranded on a freezing cold night, and last year, I got food poisoning. But I'm not pointing fingers.

This slight apathy has resulted in me not yet having finalized my plans, or, more importantly, my outfit.

Almost nothing goes better with NYE champagne and glitz than shiny gold, and something sparkly. Or better yet, something gold and sparkly.

How will you glitz?
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Since last summer, I've secretly wanted a fully-sequined skirt. However, I feel they're outrageously priced, considering you can wear them very rarely. Unless it's New Year's Eve, in which case you can wear them all the time.

Simultaneously, I'm also loving shorts that flare at the legs and look like skirts (but no, not skorts!). This Stradivarius is especially cute.

My two loves collided in Who, What, Wear last month with the new Whitney Eve Cyd Shorts in Sparkle (#5 below). They're set to come out this month and I'm already preparing myself to say no.

I attempted to convince myself I wouldn't seriously want something so sparkly by trying on the Metallic sequined bell skirt at J.Crew last weekend. I realized my plan completely failed as I stood there with Emily, trying to somehow convince her that $275 was not that bad, considering how many individual sequins were on it.
I'm thinking maybe I was right, that the price was worth thousands of tiny sequins, seeing as it's sold out...