on leaping

Would I be getting carried away if I were to call Leap Day a holiday?

Maybe not in the Christmas/birthday/Fourth of Julie sense, but a holiday in the same way that the longest day of the year is one. And Ground Hog's day. There is a little extra buzz in the air, invigorating me.

It’s like a whole extra day of life! I'm determined to pack in a few extra activities in order to take advantage of the bonus time. I kind of feel like we should have gotten work off to just embrace its goodness. It would be very European of us.

I'm not quite sure how I plan to celebrate this evening, but I'll be sure to report back on all of the things I squeeze in on this very rare Feb. 29.

And don't worry, my other fake-favorite-holiday is coming up next week. Oh half birthday!

never too late to celebrate

Meghan and Erin and I have been brainstorming a name for an upcoming business venture of one of Meghan's friends.

Erin has easily come up with the best name so far (kept under wraps) utilizing some basic French.

After making sure we were conjugating the words correctly, I was reminded that I completely failed to blog about Bastille Day.

Fortunately, Court summed it up stellarly, but, being the only (semi-) French speaker of the clan, I feel it's necessary to at least put up my pictures...

The adorable crêperie in Charlottesville, the flat.Lily waited so patiently... And while we waited, she told me about the table Skip bought them...
And then she enjoyed...