on leaping

Would I be getting carried away if I were to call Leap Day a holiday?

Maybe not in the Christmas/birthday/Fourth of Julie sense, but a holiday in the same way that the longest day of the year is one. And Ground Hog's day. There is a little extra buzz in the air, invigorating me.

It’s like a whole extra day of life! I'm determined to pack in a few extra activities in order to take advantage of the bonus time. I kind of feel like we should have gotten work off to just embrace its goodness. It would be very European of us.

I'm not quite sure how I plan to celebrate this evening, but I'll be sure to report back on all of the things I squeeze in on this very rare Feb. 29.

And don't worry, my other fake-favorite-holiday is coming up next week. Oh half birthday!

halfy birthday!

People tend to think I'm slightly ridiculous when they find out I celebrate my half birthday. But this year, I think it's legitimate, as I just learned that the Hula Hoop was patented on March 5, 1958. If that's not reason to celebrate, I really don't know what is.

Happy birthday Hula Hoop!

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