Welp. Where did the weekend go?

It was quite lovely. I went to a birthday party Friday night, a concert Saturday night and out in the Highlands with some girls Sunday night. Can you tell that it's summer? You can't keep people inside!

Among all the events, though, what stands out to me this morning is Sunday afternoon. I went for a long walk in the very hot weather, then went to an amazing yoga class. The activities together felt very detoxifying and cathartic - and were a great way to start the week. The class was unusually hard and ensured I slept so soundly last night.

Of course, I can't say that the workout was better than the evening activities, but it sure helped balance things out.

Another highlight of the weekend was when I was at Noche last night and all the TVs switched from sports to the Miss USA pageant simultaneously. Lots of cheers from the girls...
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