In one year you can fly around the world 13 times. You can form 17 new habits. You could walk (and boat) from Atlanta to Sydney, and still have 156 days left to vacation (according to Google maps). Or, you could be me, and be completely shocked that you’d already spent a year in Atlanta.

Where did it go? In some ways it feels like I just packed up my car, and in others, it feels like it has been so long. So many things in my life have changed – I have new friends, and yet somehow feel closer than ever to my oldie goldies, I said goodbye to my first job and started a new one, I decorated my first apartment and am getting ready to pack up and move to my second. I had my first Christmas tree, found my own dry cleaners, got lost about 1,000 times…

Ah! It’s crazy. And although I would certainly never ever give up the last year, because I’ve learned so much, grown a lot, cried a little, laughed a ton, I’m excited for the second one to begin. I feel much more grounded in my life here. I’m less reliant on others and am so excited to see what this city has to offer, now that I’m not longer a total newbie.

Thank you to everyone who has made my first year in Atlanta wonderful. I never would have understood all the hundreds of Peachtrees without you guys.

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