reporting on this unbusyness

Real talk. October is over (which, btw, where did November go?!), and, as promised, it's time to report on my October goal of slowing life down a little bit.

I wasn't 100 percent successful every single week, but I did a better job than I had been doing of not overcommitting. And I am definitely loving the positive impact. I am feeling more organized and well-rested, and am going to continue my commitment to slowing down through this month as well. In fact, I might even try to make it a lifestyle change. No promises (as an inability to say no is what got me in this pickle to begin with), but it's a thought. And now it's out there. So it's a start.

Also, my purse is still just as organized as it was when I kick-started this self-campaign, so I'm feeling great about that. Little victories :)

And, to solidify my thoughts that this is, in fact a worthwhile quest, my friend Austin recently sent me this article, The Silliness of Busyness, and reminded me that I'm not alone in my feeling of sometimes swimming/sometimes drowning/sometimes can't say no-ness. The part about making list after list to keep track of everything you planned to do really spoke to me, as two frequent items on my daily work to do list (not to be confused with my daily personal to do list) are: check yesterday's list and make to do list for tonight. It's gross.

I took one small step last night of watching TV and not doing anything else while I did it. It was nearly impossible and I can't say I liked it, but I did it. And tomorrow, I think I will not make a single to do list.

Just kidding.

It hurts to even joke about it.

But either way, I'm aware of the problem and am committed to taking charge. And that, my friends, is all I can ask on this fine day.

Happy November to you little rabbits!

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