weekend happiness

I’ve always had a pretty mild wild affinity for being outside, but ever since joining corporate America, my desire has been insatiable. Being inside in the summer just feels so wrong, and on the Fourth of July, we righted it.

Katie Z. and I kick-started things by deciding at 11.30 p.m. Tuesday night that we’d bandit the Peachtree Road Race the next morning. As Atlanta’s biggest race – and the world’s largest 10k road race – it was the perfect way to start the day.
 After that, a big group of us Shot the Hooch, then Roomie Reynolds and I hosted a party at our house. From running, to floating, to grilling, it was the perfect way to celebrate America.
 On Thursday, Katie Z. and I flew home to Indianapolis for a wedding. The wedding was beautiful, and, what made it totally amazing, was seeing my family. We missed Duke, who couldn’t get back from Texas for the weekend, a whoooole lot though.
I hope you had a patriotic and happy holiday weekend!

PS: A big congrats to this girl for buying her first house.
And a special thanks to her for letting us have a tiny reunion there.

FOJ Always Wins

One of my favorite games in life is to give people two options and make them pick between them.

Beach or lakehouse?

No peanut butter or no dairy (for the rest.of.your.life)?

You get it.

This spring, I went to a wedding with my friend Austin and spent the majority of the ride from the church to the reception making him pick between holidays.

Although I threw a few curveballs his way (Christmas vs. my birthday - !!) as well as a few gimmes (Arbor Day vs. Thanksgiving), Fourth of July was largely a winner.

And can you blame us!? It's so wonderful!

The one and only Katie Z. is flying in tonight, and I am crazy excited to celebrate with her.

I will report back with pics and stories, but until then, Happy Fourth of July! I hope your day is full of sunshine and sparklers!

happy (fourthy fourth) weekend

Happy Fourth of July weekend! I couldn't be happier it's here. I'm looking forward to a weekend of boating, relaxing and fireworking.

I've got lots of activities on tap, and every single one of them involves being outside.

For the first time ever, I'm experiencing Georgia's finest, Lake Lanier. Fellow Hoosiers, can it live up to the one and only Wawasee? We shall see! I'll be sure to report back with details next week.

I hope your weekend is full of sparklers!

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